Stepping into Success: A Look at the Golf Shoes Worn by Pros
17 August 2023 3 min read

Stepping into Success: A Look at the Golf Shoes Worn by Pros

When it comes to golf, every little detail matters, from the swing technique to the equipment used. One often overlooked aspect is footwear. Golf shoes play a pivotal role in enhancing a player's performance on the course. And if you're wondering which golf shoes the pros prefer, look no further. We've got you covered with insights into the choices of two remarkable golfers, Georgia Hall and Joost Van Luiten, who have both chosen to wear Duca Del Cosma golf shoes to elevate their game.

Georgia Hall: Striding Towards Victory with the MJ Shoe

Golf isn't just a sport; it's a reflection of precision, concentration, and style. British golfing sensation Georgia Hall perfectly embodies this blend, showcasing exceptional skills both on and off the course. A true role model for aspiring female golfers, Hall is known not only for her incredible swing but also for her distinct fashion sense.

One of the secrets behind Georgia's success lies in her choice of golf shoes. She opts for the MJ Shoe from Duca Del Cosma, a brand that perfectly marries functionality with fashion. The MJ Shoe is designed with the female golfer in mind, providing the ultimate combination of comfort, stability, and style. Its sleek black-black design adds a touch of sophistication to Georgia's ensemble as she dominates the greens.

Georgia Hall putting

''When I play so many events, comfort is really important for me and
for them to feel quite lightweight, to give my legs a bit of a rest when I walk
so many miles per day."

Hall's endorsement of the MJ Shoe highlights its benefits for female golfers, ensuring that they can stride confidently from hole to hole without compromising on style. If you're ready to follow in Georgia Hall's footsteps, you can explore the MJ Shoe here: MJ Black-Black Women Golf Shoes.


Joost Van Luiten: Mastering the Game in the Pagani Shoe

Joost Luiten

Golf is a game of patience, strategy, and precision. Joost Van Luiten, a Six-time European Tour winner from the Netherlands, embodies these traits as he conquers the course with every swing. As with any elite athlete, Van Luiten's equipment choices are meticulously made to optimize his performance, and this includes his golf shoes.

The Pagani Shoe from Duca Del Cosma is Joost Van Luiten's preferred footwear on the greens. The white-grey design exudes elegance and style, while the shoe's performance-driven features ensure that he maintains his stability and grip throughout his game. Whether he's teeing off on the first hole or sinking a putt on the last, the Pagani Shoe supports Van Luiten's every move.

For those aspiring to elevate their game to new heights, the Pagani Shoe is a great choice. To get a closer look at the shoe that helps Joost Van Luiten master the game, click here: Pagani White-Grey Men's Golf Shoes. or his exclusive JL1 White Men's Golf Shoe

See the Joost Luiten Range here


In the world of golf, success is often determined by the tiniest of margins. From the choice of clubs to the swing technique, every decision matters. Among these, the selection of golf shoes stands as a pivotal choice that can impact a player's performance and confidence on the course.

Georgia Hall and Joost Van Luiten, two remarkable golfers with their unique styles, have chosen Duca Del Cosma as their preferred golf shoe brand. Whether it's the MJ Shoe adding a touch of sophistication to Hall's game or the Pagani Shoe enhancing Van Luiten's stability, these shoes exemplify the brand's commitment to blending fashion and function seamlessly.

So, as you work on perfecting your golf swing, don't forget to pay attention to your footwear. With Duca Del Cosma, you can stride confidently towards success, just like the pros.

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