The Best Golf Shoes 2023
05 April 2023 3 min read

The Best Golf Shoes 2023


Best Golf Shoes 2023Golfing is not just a sport, but also a lifestyle. From the right golf clubs to the perfect outfit, everything has to be in place to make the perfect swing. One of the most important components of golf equipment is golf shoes. Good golf shoes provide stability, comfort, and grip during the swing. But which golf shoes are actually the best? According to Golf Digest, the Dandy and Positano are the best men's golf shoes, and the Alexa and Serena are the best women's golf shoes. Below we will take a closer look at all 4 golf shoes separately! Keep reading.


Best Golf Shoes 2023: Men's Category

Best Men's Golf Shoes 2023

The Dandy and Positano are both men's golf shoes from the brand Duca del Cosma. These Italian golf shoes are made of high-quality materials and have a stylish appearance. All golf shoes are designed in Europe and handmade with the utmost care in Europe.


The Dandy golf shoe is designed by the Italian brand Duca del Cosma. This shoe is designed with a breathable upper of premium Italian Nappa leather, nice and supple and soft! The shoe is a spikeless golf shoe providing excellent grip on the golf course and good stability during the swing. The Dandy is not only functional but also stylish, a comfortable golf shoe for the male golfer who likes a classic look! So, this shoe is not only suitable for golfing, but also for a day out.

The Positano is a golf shoe from the brand Duca Del Cosma and has also been declared the best golf shoe for men by Golf Digest. This shoe has an upper of premium Italian Nappa leather that ensures an excellent fit and durability. The Positano is available in different colors and has a sporty, sneaker-like appearance.


Best Golf Shoes 2023: Women’s Category

Best Women's Golf Shoes 2023

 As a female golfer, you know that it is important to have the right equipment to improve your game and stay focused while playing. One of the most important parts of your equipment is your golf shoes, and there is good news for women looking for the best golf shoes: the Alexa and Serena have been declared the best golf shoes by Golf Digest.


The Alexa is a stylish shoe designed with fashion in mind. The upper is made of premium Nappa leather, while the outsole of the Alexa is the highest ever made for playing golf. This increases stability and control over the swing! In addition, the shoe has a memory foam insole for extra comfort.

 The Serena, on the other hand, has a more classic design, specially designed for women who like a classic look on the golf course. The sole of the Serena is the AIRPLAY 9. This sole is known to provide progressive stability during the swing to ensure optimal grip.


The fact that the Dandy, Positano, Alexa, and Serena have been named the best golf shoes by Golf Digest is a significant achievement. Golf Digest is a reputable magazine in the golf industry, and it is an honor to be recognized as the best golf shoes. As a golfer, you can trust that these golf shoes will help improve your game and keep you comfortable while playing. Quality is our vision, and it is reflected in the recognition from Golf Digest.

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