Why Golf Gloves Matter
12 October 2023 4 min read

Why Golf Gloves Matter

Golfers know that the Key reason that golfers wear a Golf gloves is for better grip and control, however here are some other benefits you might not know and what makes a cabretta golf glove so special. One often-overlooked piece of golf equipment that can significantly impact your game is the golf glove.

Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves

At Duca Del Cosma, we take golf seriously. That's why our golf gloves are crafted from premium cabretta leather. Our shoes feature their own unique materials, our golf gloves boast the benefits of cabretta leather, which is known for its breathability and exceptional grip.

What golf Glove do Pro's Use

Most Professional golfers use Cabretta leather, our gloves features breathable holes making them highly breathable, the soft premium leather is an excellent choice for golf gloves. Pro Golfers know the importance of maintaining a dry and comfortable grip during their swings. Our cabretta leather golf gloves ensure your hands stay cool and sweat-free, allowing you to maintain a confident hold on your club throughout your round.

Unbeatable Grip
Exceptional grip is non-negotiable in golf. A slip or an inconsistent grip can spell disaster for your swing. Our cabretta leather gloves provide a firm and steady grip, helping you maintain control and consistency in your shots.

You can significantly enhance your golf game by reducing the pressure on your golf club grip, effectively eliminating two of the most common swing errors. Excessive grip tension often leads to topping the ball or unleashing a bothersome slice for most golfers.

Moreover, opting for a looser, more relaxed grip ensures that you add an extra 20 to 30 yards to your shot. When your hands and forearms are clenched too tightly, it's as if you're trying to 'strangle' the golf club, which can negatively impact your swing. By avoiding this, you can say goodbye to hand and arm fatigue, ensuring you finish your round with strength and confidence.

Blister and callous prevention: Keeping Your Hands Protected on the Golf Course
Nobody enjoys enduring a round of golf with painful blisters or callouses on their hands. Depending on your swing style or the frequency of your golf outings, blisters can become an unwelcome companion if you don't give your hands the attention they deserve.

When you grip a golf club too tightly, the repetitive swinging motion can result in the development of blisters and callouses. Golfers often employ various techniques to safeguard their hands. In addition to wearing a golf glove, some choose to tape specific areas of their hands, ensuring added protection and a more comfortable grip during their game.

Finding the Perfect Fit
Another essential aspect of a golf glove is the fit. Duca Del Cosma offers golf gloves for both men and women, available in various sizes: Small, Medium, Medium/Large, and Extra Large for men, and Small, Medium, and Large for women. Ensuring the right fit is vital to maximizing comfort and performance. We recommend going down a size as the glove will expand slightly as you wear it.

A Glimpse into Golf Glove History
The history of golf gloves is intriguing. Golf gloves made their debut in the late 1800s when golfers faced slippery grips caused by crude grips made of rough leather or twine. To combat this issue and prevent painful blisters and calluses, golfers began using canvas or sheepskin to grip the club. Over time, these makeshift solutions evolved into the golf gloves we know today.
Care and Maintenance
Proper care can extend the lifespan a top quality Cabretta glove make sure you always put it on and take it off correctly when putting on your glove place your fingers in the glove first until the fingertips are flush against the tips of the glove, next place your thumb in the glove pull the glove gently over your hand and secure the wrist faster do not pull on the cuff as the product might tear just move the globe over your hand to adjust it use the packaging provided to store your glove in. If your glove gets wet always reshape and dry it at room temperature before storing it, never dry the glove over heater it might lose its shape.

To make your Duca Del Cosma golf gloves last longer, it's best to keep them in the packet they came in. This helps maintain their shape and extends their longevity, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
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Golfers understand the value of quality gear, and Duca Del Cosma provides you with the tools you need to elevate your game. Our cabretta leather golf gloves offer breathability and grip that will make a noticeable difference in your golf performance.
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